The Most Romantic Foods

Whether you’re preparing a meal at home or you’re going out to a fancy restaurant, there are some foods that are more romantic than others. Some of these foods are thought to be aphrodisiacs while others are romantic for no reason at all, other than their extravagant price. On your next date, why not try one of the following romantic foods?

The Most Romantic Foods #1: Steak

Steak is often considered to be a romantic food. While steak isn’t considered to be an aphrodisiac, many people still consider this to be one of the most romantic meals. In fact, this is probably one of the top foods ordered by people who are on a date. Steak is more than likely chosen because of its extravagant price. Many couples may choose steak because the price of this meal limits them to only enjoy it on special occasions.

The Most Romantic Foods #2: Pasta

Anyone who has seen the movie Lady and the Tramp will tell you that spaghetti is a very romantic food. Any food that can be shared in a way that may lead to a kiss is very romantic. Whether you order this meal at a restaurant or serve this meal at home, only have one large portion. This forces you to eat off the same plate, making for a very special evening.

The Most Romantic Foods #3: Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the many foods that couples can feed each other. Strawberries are also one of the foods that people think of when they think about planning a sexual encounter. What food could be sexier than strawberries and whipped cream? This is the perfect ending to a meal, whether you have strawberries with whipped cream or strawberries dipped in chocolate.

The Most Romantic Foods #4: Chocolate

For hundreds of years, chocolate has been considered a romantic food. At one time it was even considered to be against the law if a man did not present his partner with a box of chocolates weighing at least 100 pounds. Talk about a romantic indulgence. Eating chocolate also causes the brain to release endorphins which make people feel loved. If you want your partner to feel romantic, present them with a box of chocolates at the beginning of your date.

The Most Romantic Foods #5: Oysters

Many people think oysters are an aphrodisiac, making oysters a very romantic food. If you are having trouble feeling romantic, why not order oysters for dinner? If you don’t like oysters, consider having another seafood dish. Any type of seafood is romantic.

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